About Me

about me
About Me

Hi Wayne here, have been working at home repair for
forty or so years.
Have done just about everything:

  • from plumbing, electrical,
  • drywall
  • painting
  • pointed stone at houses and churches

I created this site if anyone has any questions about homerepair, or any project
there working on, feel free to send a message along.
So now to me

Arrived on this planet sixty-seven years ago, and am now living
outside the Montreal area Canada.

One of my hobbies is riding the old British bikes, which I still do.

Also worked in the construction field in Alberta and B.C.-oil rigs to building shopping centers and warehouses.

Anyway wishing you the best and thanks for having a read.

Cheers Wayne
Founder of https://improvinghomevalue.com


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