Making home comfortable

Making home comfortable

Theres probably many ideas on ways to make your home

  • from a new paint job to installing windows,
  • interior decorating
  • keeping houses warm in our northern climate.
  • To stop small drafts,especially in older homes like around
    doors etc new door seals are recommended every few years along
    with well insulated windows.
  • My log house built about 1870 or before stays fairly warm in the winter months,but has always something to do around it.

So anyone with questions or new ideas drop me a note, and will get back to you.

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2 thoughts on “Making home comfortable”

  1. Nothing like home, we need to be self comfort when we at our homes, I think you should write about setting up annual home maintenance calendar , some of works at summer other at spring.
    Wish you best of luck , keep doing your work you have great site.

    • Hi Fatima, thanks for the idea of the home maintenance calendar. I would never have thought of that, your ideas and comments are appreciated.
      Think your site is great.
      Take care Wayne.


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