Keep Creek Clean

We always try to keep the creek clean that runs through the property, as it always helps the flow and quality of the water.

Keep Creek CleanAny papers or cups that get tossed out around the bridge over the creek are always picked up and go to garbage, as some people are not very caring about the environment they live in. With good quality water running wildlife will often come for a drink such as deer and other critters.

Keep Creek Clean

Below we will mention one of the tools used to help keep things clean.

Easy Steps To Keep Creek Clean

Step 1 – Cleaning up along the creek as the last winds blew a small tree into it. For something small like this I just use a 20V lithium-ion cordless reciprocating saw.

Step 2 – After cutting it off just just bring it up on the creek bank where its easy to cut up into wood to fit the stove.

Step 3 – These reciprocating saws are so light to work with you can use them with one hand to cut up the wood.

Step 4 – Loading up the wheelbarrow, will help keep the old log cabin warm in the winter.

Step 5 -This reciprocating saw is a Mastercraft, not very expensive, and a real handy tool to work with, and for small jobs like this it saves filling up the chainsaw.

FAQ For How To Keep The Creek Clean

Why Is Important To Keep The Creek Clean?

We try to keep any branches or large limbs out of the creek, because when the ice melts in the spring there are no ice dams created, and thus less chance of flooding. Also if any trees die along the creek bank we try to get them out of the way and always plant a new one, which will help prevent any erosion of the creek bank.

How Thick The Branch Needs To Be To Keep It For Wood?

We usually keep smaller branches about an inch thick for firewood, as they excellent for starting a fire in the wood stove, and anything smaller will get composted in time.

Is The Reciprocating Saw Safe To Use For A Beginner?

A reciprocating saw is like any power tool where you need to be careful with it and use it safely.

How To Clean The Reciprocating Saw After Using it?

Usually a recipcrocating saw does not take much cleaning as they are fairly well sealed, so once and a while we use the air compressor to blow any dirt off it.

Keep Creek Clean – Final Thoughts

Keep Creek CleanSo if you have some small branches or trees that need cutting you might want to try a reciprocating saw, and there are better brands such as Makita, Dewalt etc, I use the Mastercraft because I have the same brand of drills, and the 20V Lithium batteries are interchangeable, which is very handy, plus the saw being so light is nice to work with in comparison to a chainsaw.

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Oscillating Multi Tool Reviews

Oscillating Multi Tool Reviews

Oscillating Multi Tool Reviews is about probably one of the handiest tools you will ever purchase.

Oscillating Multi Tool Reviews


Makita TM30/0CX1

Dewalt DWE315


Dremel MM40-05

Rockwell Sonic Crafter

Skill 1400-02

Bosch MX30E

Fein FMM350Q

Black and Decker BD200 MTB

With the oscillating  multi tool you can use it on many projects around the home, from cutting the bottoms off door casings when laying a floating or hardwood floor to cutting out holes for electrical boxes, and the shingles used for leveling door frames plus so many other things.

They come with a variety of blades for metal and wood plus sanding attachments.

The metal blades are very useful for cutting off old nails or bolts, or metal door casings, or even the too long bolts that hold down your new toilet, and so many other metal objects.

Some of these also come with carbide edged blades for cutting ceramics, if you happen to have a cracked tile in the bathroom then with tis tool it is an easy change.

Most of these multi tools have interchangeable blades or adapters so you can use other brands of blades.

As most of these tools are not overly expensive this is a must tool that every handy person should have around the home or even on job sites.

I will give you a review of some of these multi tools, and as I have two Mastercraft models will mention them first.

1  Mastercraft

This multi tool has a 2.2 amp motor and will oscillate at a speed of 11,000 to 20,000 per minute.

Most of these tools are easy to work with, and this one weighs in at 3 pounds.

The blades for this one are held on by a screw that needs to be tightened with a hex key.

It comes in a carrying bag along with blades for wood and metal, and sanding.

The blades on this model fit over alignment pins on the accessory holder of the tool, and can be fitted at different angles if the need arises.

If you wonder why I bought two of these, well the price was real good at the time, and if one quit I always had a backup, but there both still running great.

For the price this has been a very reliable tool.

2  Makita TM30/0CX1

This model has a 3 amp motor and a slow start feature for improved performance and easy cutting, sanding, or scraping.

With a variable control you can take this tool from 6000 to 20,000 oscillations per minute.

For one of the best performing multi tools this one is hard to beat, and comes with high quality blades and accessories in a Makita case.

Another thing nice about this model is there is no tool required to change blades, so that saves time looking for an allen wrench for each blade change.

About the only fault is they could supply a few more blades in the kit , but if your looking for a high quality multi tool then this is the one for around the home or on job sites.

3  The Dewalt DWE315K

This model also has a 3 amp motor for cutting and sanding, and also has a quick change system for the blades.

And with a variable speed trigger it will give you power when needed.

This oscillating multi tool is of high quality, and much like the Makita

As the price is not too high compared to other high end brands makes it a very popular model for those home renovations.

About the only negative is if using it for a long length of time your wrist can get sore, but that might depend on the person.

So if your looking for a high quality tool then try this out.

4  Porter Cable PCE605K52

Porter Cables model also has a 3 amp motor, and also comes with the tool free blade changer, and depth and guide for cutting.

It has a 52 accessory kit with a box to hold all your blades and sanding parts in.

Another good thing is that it will fit blades from other multi tool brands, making it easy to find extra blades when needed.

Porter cable also makes a 20 V battery model, also with the quick change blade system.

This model the PCC710B 20V has an 11 accessory kit with the storage box to carry it in.

One negative is that you have to buy the battery separate, but this multi tool can be very useful if your working where there is no power.

Both of these are of good quality, so you might wont to give them a try.

5  The Dremel MM40-05

This multi tool has a 2.5 amp motor and a 29 piece accessory set with the variable speed dial.

Also has the quick change release for the blades, but is not interchangeable for blades of other brands.

There are four models available for Dremel the MM20,30,40, and 45, starting with a 2.3 amp motor progressing up to a 3.8 amp

This is also a very popular brand to have a look at when out shopping for a multi tool.

6  The Rockwell Sonic Crafter

This model has a 3 amp motor, and comes with a 31 piece set and bag for carrying it all.

It has the tool free clamping system for your blades, and it will use other brands of blades with its universal fit system.

There is also a 4 amp model available but with a little higher price to it.

Unlike the Makita or Dewalt this one is for smaller jobs around the home, but is a good price for what you are getting.

7  Skill 1400-02

This one has a 2 amp motor, and the blades for it are held in place by a screw and the need for an allan wrench for tightening.

The kit for this one is an 11 piece set, and this multi crafter is for light duty work around the home.

Also has a rubber moulding around the front so is easy on the hands when using.

So if your looking for a multi crafter at a lower price and for light duty work you can try this one out.

8  The Bosch MX30E

This multi tool has a 3 amp motor, and comes with six different settings from 8000 to 20,000 oscillations per minute.

This one has a lever lock on the front to attach the blades to it, which is way better then having to look for a wrench all the time

With very little vibration this model is easy to work with for long periods of time.

It also comes with a carrying case in the set, and includes an adapter for other brands of blades.

If your looking for a very dependable multi tool then try this one out.

9  The Fein FMM350Q

This is another high quality tool with a 350 watt motor  and is made in Germany.

It has a tool free connection for the blades that only take seconds to change.

There is less vibration or noise from this model then you will find with any others.

The kit for this one comes with blades for steel and wood plus the sanding attachments kept together in a hard plastic carrying case.

You will find that this is one of the best and most powerful oscillating tool sold today, and is designed for contractors and home use also.

So if you wont one of the best then try this out.

10  The Black and Decker BD200 MTB

This model comes with a 2.5 amp motor and has a variable speed with the tool free blade release.

It will reach a speed of 20,000 oscillations per minute and has six speeds you can dial in.

The adapter for it accepts attachments from other brands also.

The kit includes about 15 different blades and pieces with a storage bag for carrying.

F or the low price of this multi tool it is actually a good deal for your small projects around the home.

Oscillating Multi Tool Reviews Conclusion

So I hope this left you with some ideas on what to buy for an oscillating tool.

It depends a lot on what you wont to use it for, if just around the house then some of the lower priced models should work very well.

If you will also use it for contract work then the Fein, Makita or Dewalt would be a better decision.

Also keep in mind the comfort of the tool when you use it for any length of time.

Another major plus with these tools is to pick one with the variable speed, as it is a bonus when sanding or scraping.

I hope these reviews will give you a better choice as to what is the best multi tool for your job situation.

Any comments are always appreciated,


Orbital Sanders Reviews

Orbital Sanders Reviews is when have some sanding to do around your home then an orbital sander can be a very good buy. They work well on small jobs or even on the finishing of floors after the drum sanding is done.

The Orbital Sanders Reviews will provide ideas to get a smoother finish then if you were using a belt or flat sander. From my experience the flat sanders will leave some swirl marks on the wood, which you often have to sand out by hand.

Belt sanders are ok but do not always leave the wood as smooth as it should be.

One thing about the orbital sanders is that they are easy to change the sanding paper, with the hook and loop system just pull the used one off and paste the new one on.

Most orbital sanders will produce quite a bit of dust, so when applying your sandpaper to the disc be sure to match up with the dust holes on the bottom of the pad.

Best Orbital Sanders Reviews

Makita Orbital Sander

Probably one of the best orbital sanders is the Makita B05041K, which is a five inch model and weighs about 3.1 pounds.

With its rubberised grip the amount of vibration you feel when sanding is much less in comparison to other orbital sanders.

Makita designed a handle for the front of this sander which gives you more control, plus the handle can be adjusted if your sanding in tight corners.

It also has a variable speed control, which is a great idea as you can control the speed from four thousand to twelve thousand orbits per minute.

With the 3 amp motor there is enough power for most of your sanding jobs around the home.

So if your looking for one of the best in orbital sanders then this is it.

As I have owned different Makita tools from drills to saws, etc. I can say that they are made to last.

Makita Cordless Orbital Sander

Makita also makes a cordless orbital sander, the LX0B01Z, which uses an eighteen volt lithium ion battery for its power source.

It will last about forty minutes on low speed and twenty minutes on high, before needing to be recharged, having another battery is the best way to go.

Also has a one touch speed control for three different speeds,1000,4500,11,000, and also a dust sealed switch for protection.

The sanding pad is a five inch hook and loop design, and the kit for this sander supplies two batteries and the charger plus the dust bag.

Video from GV ToolShed on

Bosch Orbital Sander

The Bosch 3725DEVS random orbital sander is also a very high quality tool. With a 3.3 amp motor that give it a little extra power.

It also comes equipped with a speed control for sanding from four thousand to twelve thousand orbits per minute.

This sander is one of the heavier at 5.1 pounds as most are in the three to four pound range, but with an extra handle on the front makes it easy to control.

To reduce swirl marks on the wood being sanded there is a dampening ring built into it. This basically controls the pressure and speed that the pad spins at when making contact with the wood.

Dewalt Orbital Sander

The Dewalt DWE6421K is a five inch and 3.4 pound orbital sander

This model will also sand up to twelve thousand orbits per minute but does not have the variable speed control

Like the other sanders it has a dust collector attached to it.

It is also designed to keep dust out of all critical areas, so should be able to last a long time.

Ryobi P411 Orbital Sander

The Ryobi P411 one is an eighteen volt cordless battery operated random orbital sander.

This one weighs in at three pounds and has a five inch sanding pad that gives out ten thousand orbits per minute, and also equipped with the dust bag.

The one con about this sander is you have to buy the battery and charger separate. If you happen to own Ryobi cordless products then the batteries from them are interchangeable with this sander.

If used for light sanding work then this is an excellent tool.

Porter Cable Orbital Sander

The Porter Cable 382 is another orbital sander of excellent quality.

It is designed so that dust does not get to the 1.9 amp motor, or into the sealed power switch, so it should last a long time.

With an automatic speed control for starting to sand and slowing down, so you don’t get swirl marks on the wood.

This model has less vibration then some others, thus making it easier to use over a longer period of time.

It will spin up to twelve thousand orbits per minute, so for light to medium sanding it is an excellent choice.

Black and Decker Orbital Sander

The Black and Decker model BDER0100  is more for light sanding jobs.

Weighing only 3.16 pounds it is one of the lightest sanders, so this makes it very easy to control.

It will spin up to twelve thousand orbits per minute and with the random orbital motion it does leave a good finish on the wood.

This is not too expensive a sander and is good enough for any small sanding around your home.

Mastercraft Orbital Sander

Mastercraft makes a random orbital sander model number 054-8392-0.

This is another sander designed for light work with a five inch sanding pad, and the hook and loop system for attaching the sand paper.

Orbital Sanders ReviewsIt weighs two pounds ten ounces so is very light to handle, and for best results just apply light pressure while sanding.

It does not have a variable speed control so best to start the sander after you have placed it on the wood.

For light duty work and a low price tag this sander works quite well, as I have used one of these to do two church doors, and it did an excellent job.

Milwaukee Orbital Sander

The Milwaukee five inch  random orbital sander model is 6021-21.

It has a 3.0 amp permanent magnet motor producing excellent speed and power.

This model also comes with the variable speed dial controlling the seven to twelve thousand orbits per minute.

With an electronic soft start there is less wear on its parts, and very little swirl marks so it will produce a smooth finish.

The design adds control and comfort to the sander, and with a weight of 3.3 pounds makes it very easy to use.

With a five year warranty this model should last you a while.

Speed of Sanders

The speed that the sanding pad moves is rated as orbits per minute OPM because the pad is oscillating in a random motion as well as spinning.

Also there are some sanders that spin only on a fixed axis and these are measured in revolutions per minute RPM.

When the sander is on the wood to be sanded it will slow down from what it is rated at.

Power Rating

The power rating of these random orbital sanders is usually in the range of 2.5 to 3.3 amps.

Some of these with a stronger motor may actually orbit and spin at a slower rate then others, so that’s something to check out when buying.


The warranty on most orbital sanders is from 1 to 3 years and some up to five years, so there usually made to last for awhile.


Most hardware stores will sell the orbital sanders, Canadian Tire has different models to choose from so you look and see how they feel.

They also can be bought online, Amazon will have many different brands of them to choose from, and also with customer reviews to help in your choice to purchase.

And often the online stores will have a more competitive pricing then your local hardware stores.

Usage Of The Orbital Sanders

For most people the choice of an orbital sander will depend on the job you will be using it on most of the time.

If your going to use one at different jobs you do such as sanding a floor after drum sanding then a better quality sander would be the best choice.

And if only doing light sanding around your home a less expensive model will be ok.

Also try to chose a sander that’s comfortable to hold, because if your using it for an extended length of time your hands and wrists can get a little sore.

Orbital Sanders Reviews Conclusion

If you have the urge to buy a random orbital sander then Amazon is an excellent place to look for one.

They sell the top end models and the not so expensive models.

Usually you get what you pay for, so often a better rated model will be the best buy.

Having a variable speed model is also a bonus as the sanding speed can determine just how smooth your sanding job will end up looking.

Read also Sanding Wood Floors

One of the top rated is the Makita B05041K model, designed to do your jobs and last, as well as being one of the best in overall performance.

Any questions or comments then drop me a note,


Best Tips To buy a Cordless Drill

Cordless Drills

If your thinking of buying a cordless drill for some of your projects around the home, then I hope the information here will help you out.Cordless drills

Choosing a Drill

Cordless drills are probably a must for the home owner. When buying one go for the lithium ion battery type as they provide more power and are much easier to work with.

I prefer the lighter drills if you happen to be using one for any length of time, and its always better to have two batteries. Just no fun when your screwing on a sheet of drywall and the battery dies, then having to wait half an hour for a recharge.

Popular Drills

Some of the better drills are Makita, Dewalt, Milwaukee,Porter Cable, Hitachi, Ryobi, and there is many more.

1  The Makita LXT 18V

Having used a Makita eighteen volt lithium ion during the syrup season for tapping I can say this is one drill I would highly recommend. I found it very easy and comfortable to handle and not to heavy at about 3.5 pounds.

The newer brushless model eighteen volt LXT Makita is designed  to run longer , with more power and speed plus a longer life before maintenance.

The two Lithium Ion batteries that come with it in the hard plastic case will take about an hour to charge before first using.

I have not tried out any of the newer model drills yet, but from my experience with the older drills I would rate Makita as my number one choice to use around the home for repairs and most jobs.

2  Dewalt Cordless Drills

The dewalt line of cordless drills are also excellent quality as I have had the opportunity to use them a few times.

With the dewalt if the last three numbers for the model end in a zero then the model is a drill driver, and if it ends in a five then it is a combination drill with the hammer function to use for drilling concrete.

As an example DCD780 and DCD995. The seven eighty just being drill driver on the low end of dewalt drills, and the nine ninety five being both hammer and drill on the top end.

The seven ninety five is the first of dewalts brushless motors and id designed to last longer and have less heat.

The seven eighty, seven eighty five, and seven ninety five are for general purpose work, like putting screws in and lighter drilling.

And the nine eighty, nine eighty five, and nine ninety five are dewalts heavy duty drills for harder drilling jobs.

3  Milwaukee Cordless Drills

The Milwaukee cordless eighteen volt drills are also good quality if your looking for one to buy.

There M18 fuel brushless four pole motor features rare earth magnets instead of brushes providing more power, cooler running, and a longer life span, plus lighter to handle.

There M18 brushless combo drill weights in at three point nine pounds with the battery installed, so is light enough for overhead work and tight places.

They have a long battery life but also take longer to charge so having two batteries in the kit is a must.

With 24 clutch settings it is easy to adjust for screws or drilling, and also has the LED light on the front.

4  Porter Cable Cordless Drills

Another model you might consider for around the home is Porter Cable. There twenty volt PCC601 lithium ion half inch drill sells for around a hundred dollars. So if your searching for a less expensive model give it a try.

It comes with the two speed gearbox from 0-350, and 0-1500 rpm. and a keyless chuck for quick bit changes plus an led light on the front to see what your doing in dark places.

The kit for this model has 2 20V Lithium-Ion batteries plus the charger and a couple of Philips bits with a storage bag.

At a weight of only 3.5 lbs is an easy drill to work with for an extended period of time.

5  Hitachi

The makers of Hitachi cordless also make a brushless drill. There DS18DBL eighteen volt lithium ion which has fifty percent more running time, increased power and durability and essentially no maintenance.

This drill is 14% faster then the average 18V class of drills.

With the brushless motor for more efficient performance, and will recharge the two batteries that come with it in about 45 minutes.

If interested in a cordless drill for around the home  you might wont to check one of these out.

6  Shopping for Drills

There are many excellent cordless drills on the market today, so is best to shop around to find one that suits your liking.

Listed above are just a few , there is also Bosch, Ryobi, Craftsman, Rockwell, Mastercraft and many more. The price will vary depending on size and quality, so best to do some home work before purchasing.

7  Black+Decker LDX120PK

This is 20V Lithium-Ion cordless drill with an 11 position clutch.

The kit comes with 1 battery and charger, 10 metal bits, a hole saw kit of 4 pieces from one and a quarter to two and one eighth, 32 screwdriver bits, and about 22 other pieces for a total of 66 pieces contained in a carrying bag.

For what you get with this drill is a good price, and is able to handle many jobs around the home.

The drill itself is light weight so will be easy to use, but having only one battery is bit of a negative.

But then it does give you good value for what your buying.

8  Mastercraft Cordless Drills

At the moment I have two twenty volt lithium ion mastercraft drills, and have been using them for about three years now. Reason I purchased them was the price, on sale for about eighty dollars at Canadian Tire.

I figured for the price that if they didn’t last then I would not be losing very much. But after three years they are still running perfect, and I have put them through a lot of work from drywall to roofs.

Also having one strapped to your belt all day on a roof makes you appreciate the weight of one pound twelve ounces without the battery.Mastercraft


Many of the different  brands of cordless drills also offer the ability for there batteries to fit other cordless tools in that same brand, an example being Makita. Other makes also do the same.

Speed and Clutches

With the older corded drills they usually had only one speed and no clutch. You would get full torque with each press of the trigger.

These days most brands provide a clutch on there cordless drills, which is used to prevent to much torque when driving screws or other smaller things.

There is almost always a two speed setting, a low and high range. The slower for driving larger bits, as when your drilling to install a door knob, or even mixing paint. The higher speed for drilling smaller holes and other things. The chuck on most of these drills is tightened and loosened by hand.


The Lithium ion battery pack can be charged at any time for the mastercraft  drills, so there is no waiting for it to totally run out of juice.

A fully discharged battery will take about sixty to one hundred twenty minutes for a recharge depending on the battery. If the battery is left on the charger it will not overcharge, so that’s something handy also.Batteries

The Better Cordless Drills

I hope the above information will give you some ideas  on cordless drills, and which will be the best suitable for the projects you are working on.

A handy tip for drilling holes is if you know the depth then just wrap some tape around the drill bit at the desired depth.

Most of these drills come with a variable speed clutch, where you can set it at a low number for screws so as not to twist the heads off them, and a higher setting for drilling.

The part of the drill that holds the drill bits is referred to as the chuck and comes in a 1/2 inch size which is used the most often, but some of the less expensive have a 3/8 chuck for light duty work.

With so many on the market today it might even be helpful to try out a few of your neighbours before making a purchase.cordless drills

I wish you the best of luck on your drill shopping and any comments are appreciated.


Tools For Home Repairs


When it comes to buying tools for home repairs your going to need quite a few. I will give an opinion on some that I have found very useful, and a few of the better quality ones that I have come across over the years.

Some Of The Basic Tools

Start out with the usual hammers, best get a couple of them as they seem to have a tendency to walk away. Then buy yourself some screwdrivers, and you will need just about every kind and size that’s made. You will also need a good tape measure, most of them don’t last even if there expensive or cheap, but that could be just me and the rough use I put them through.hammers screwdrivers tape

Cordless Drills

A cordless drill is a must and an excellent do it yourself tool. There is many makes of these, some better then others, so if you do your homework before buying one its a good idea. Personally I recommend twenty volt drills as they seem to be strong enough for most things, and the battery stays charged longer then the smaller ones. Right now I am using twenty volt Mastercraft which is ok. Also think Makita, Dewalt, Bosch, and Milwaukee are some of the better ones.battery drills

Electric Sanders

An electrical orbital sander is also a must for tools along with a belt sander. I find the orbital sanders are good for finishing off to give a smooth finish, while the belt sander will level off rough wood much faster and even remove old paint. There are many makes of these on the market so is your choice of what to buy. A little hint is that I have gone through four lesser name brand belt sanders to one Makita orbital sander, so something to think about.electric sanders

Circular Saws

Another must have tool for the do it yourself is a circular saw. I have used quite a few different ones through out my life, and at the present time am using a Makita seven and one quarter inch. This saw I have had in use for over twenty years, and last year was the first I had to change the brushes in it , has been an amazing saw.circular saw

Smaller Tools

A few smaller tools you will probably need are a stapler, putty knife, square and level. The speed square is handy for cutting lumber as you can lay it across the piece and line your saw up against it for a square cut. Smaller and in a triangle shape I find it easier to work with then the larger squares, but is good to have both. As levels go is best to have a four foot , and a two foot one, the more expensive ones will last longer. Another good item is a stud finder used for locating two by fours or two by sixes behind the gyprock on your walls if you wont to hang pictures or what ever.levels square stapler


Other things you should have around the home is a good stepladder, great for painting those eight foot walls. I also use a multifunctional ladder. These can be used for getting at hard to reach places like over a set of stairs, and can be even adjusted to sit on the different stair levels, plus it extends out to thirteen feet so is a very versatile ladder. Along with these you might wont a step stool. There are different ones, some three step, four step and two step also, and the ones with wider space for the feet are more comfortable if standing on them for a length of time. There also handy  for paint jobs where you are unable to squeeze a ladder in, and being lighter then a ladder easier to move around.

Pliers And Other Things

Some other tools that are helpful for around the place include tin snips and needle nose pliers, which I use sometimes on taps in bathrooms and kitchens. Also a can of spray lube helps when trying to remove stubborn tap fixtures, and some faucets are held on with hex screws that require a set of allen keys. Also a utility knife is a must have when removing silicone from around tubs or other places, and also for cutting 2015 march5 010

Dust Mask, Chisels, Chalk Line

Another tool you might need is a dust mask, if you happen to do some sanding, wood or gyprock. Wood chisels are also a great buy  and can be used for adjusting door latches or where the hinge fits. They have multiple uses as I often use them to clean off old gaskets on motorcycle parts. Just keep a good file around for keeping them sharp. You probably wont a chalk line, a great tool for marking gyprock before cutting.chisels chalkline


Next if your doing any gardening around the place, a shovel is a must. The round mouth and a square nose are a good buy. I find the square nose shovel excellent for removing old shingles when a roof job is needed.


Another tool that works well is a Multi-Crafter. It will cut metal and wood, and also do fine sanding. I find this tool very handy as it gets into places other tools will not reach. If laying a floating floor or installing hardwood floors this tool will cut away under door jambs instead of having to use a handsaw. Also can be used for cutting out on gyprock where electrical plugs will go, does a really good job.multi-crafter

Home Project Tools

There is probably no end to the tools you can buy and need for keeping your home in shape, and doing different jobs around the place. as you keep working on projects  around the house you might wont  a table saw, miter cut off saw, reciprocating saw, jigsaw saw, band saw and others. The  list seems to just keep growing, anyway I wish everyone the best of luck on there tools for home repairs, and the many projects  to keep the place looking good.saws


If you have any comments or new ideas just leave a message.