Best Reliable New Snow Shovel

Best Reliable New Snow Shovel to have at home to remove snow after a winter storm and keep the drive way and sidewalks clean and safe to walk.

For the Best Snow Shovel that probably depends on what the user prefers, and also how much snow you have to clear from your driveway, walkways etc.

Best Snow Shovel

Type of Snow Shovel

As to my own preference I would go with a plastic shovel every time, and from 20 to 24 inches wide, as their light and real easy to use. Having used just about every type from aluminum to steel, to the fancy curved handles I would still prefer a straight wooden handle plastic shovel, and thats from 60+ years of shovelling. We also keep a round point shovel handy just to pry up ice on the stone walkway sometimes during a thaw or meltdown.

Best Snow Shovel

Dress Comfortable

As you will need to be working outdoors on cool weather, you might want to dress comfortable but with warm clothing so you can have freedom of movment but as you feel warmer after working removing off snow for a while, you might want to take off one layer of clothing, but remember always to keep well protected for the cold temperatures.

If you’re used to walking on snow or iced grounds you will be ok, but if you’re new to your place and it’s your first winter you need to shovel off snow, don’t forget to ware winter boots that help you to walk safely on snow or icey grounds.

Best Snow Shovel

How To Remove Snow From the Driveway and Sidewalks

If your driveway is not too long, and there is not a huge amount to shovel, then a snow shovel is the way to go, and just a suggeston is to take your time when shovelling, especially if your not in good shape. If your driveway is 50 to 100 feet or more, you might want to think about a snowblower to make life easier but you will still need a shovel for places the snow blower is unable to reach.

Best Snow Shovel

Best Snow Shovel

There are a few different type of snow shovels in the market, below I will mention a few of them.

Best Snow ShovelRegular Snow Shovel

A regular snow shovel can be plastic, aluminum, or steel, and in widths from 10 or 12 inches wide and up, with a 12 inch plastic shovel being great for cleaning stairs, plus the folding shovels for your vehicle, and others with adjustable handles to make the shovelling easier.

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Ergonomic Snow Shovel

Ergonomic snow shovels can help to reduce back strain while you need to remove snow often and for long period of time during winter. Its best to look for a light and well constructed shovel.

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Auto Shovel

Its always advised to carry a snow shovel in the car or truck, and some shovels will fold up for easy storage in the trunk, as you never know when you might have to dig yourself or some one else out of a snow drift.

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How Many Snow Shovels Do You Need To Have At Home?

As to how many snow shovels you need , two or three is usually enough as we like them at the back and front door of the house and one in the vechicles, and there usually real handy beside the doors for when ever it snows.

Where To Store Snow Shovel During Winter

We always keep our shovels outside at winter temperatures so the snow want stick to them when you start shovelling, and the shovel stays lighter to use.

Best Snow Shovel

How To Store Snow Shovel During The Rest Of The Year

Keeping your snow shovels stored until next year is best just to hang them up where you can know where to find them next year, because you never know which of your tools can fall into a black hole and not be seen again.

Best Snow Shovel – Closing Thought

When out snow shovelling wear the right clothes, and use a light shovel, plus take your time, and enjoy the process, and as mentioned before use a light snow shovel that you feel comfortable using.

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Best Snow Shovel
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