Furring Strips for Drywall

Getting a Room Ready For Drywall If your stripping a room with one by three Furring Strips for drywall, they are usually placed at sixteen inch centers. Also making sure the last one at the four foot mark is centered. Sloped Ceilings Many of the old farm houses will have sloped ceilings. If you wont … Read more

Church Windows

Old Church In this old building we need to replace two basement Church Windows. This church was built around eighteen seventy or some where around that time period. Window Frames The old window frames had rotted away on the bottoms, and only one pane of glass was left in good shape. The rough framing for … Read more

A Stone Arch Monument

Stone Arch Here is a few ideas on building A Stone Arch Monument, and having never built one before this turned out to be an interesting project. Time to Build This arch took about two weeks or more to make with the help of my son. We built it for a local man in the … Read more

Making Maple Syrup at Home

Syrup Season Making Maple Syrup at Home is that time again in southern Quebec for the maple trees to start producing  some sap, and giving you a chance for making maple syrup at home. Temperatures For the sap to run really well we need cold nights below freezing, and warm days with temperatures up to … Read more