What is a Dead Blow Hammer? (Read This First)

If you are doing some wood working projects, or putting down tiles, flooring, stone or brick work, hammering on metal, then as to what is a dead blow hammer will be of interest to you.

These hammers are designed to prevent damage to what ever you are hitting, and will absorb the shock or vibration, unlike an ordinary hammer that can dent or damage your material.


Uses for a Dead Blow Hammer

What is a Dead Blow Hammer

These hammers are often used for precision work in carpentry such as joining wood together, removing small dents in metal, dislodging a rim or brake drum that’s stuck on your truck or car, leveling bricks or stones around the home, and many other uses where you don’t want to mark or break the material you are working with.

The Weight of Dead blow Hammers

These hammers come in a variety of weights from less then a pound up to twenty pounds and more.

A 4 or 6 pound hammer would be a good weight for leveling bricks or stones, and the heavier hammers for removing dents in metal, or removing any rusted parts on a vehicle, so if your choosing one then pick the best weight for the job you intend to use it for.

The Handles on Dead Blow Hammers

The many different companies making these hammers will have varying materials for the handles, from wood to rubber covered steel, fiberglass, and composite materials,

Length of the handles can be from 12 inches for lighter hammers, and up to 30 inches for the heavier hammers of 128 ounces and more.

Heads of the Dead Blow Hammer

Many of the heads on these hammers are made with an outer cover of polyurethane or rubber to lessen the shock or rebound when hitting something, and absorbing the blow.

The heads of some of these dead blow hammers will have a canister of steel shot or sand in them to maximize the striking force while reducing rebound, and absorbing shock plus less chance of marking what you are hitting.

Some of the Brands of Dead Blow Hammers

Stanley Dead Blow Hammers

The Stanley dead blow hammers come in a variety of sizes from 1 ounce up to 80 ounces and more.

These hammers have steel shot in the head to prevent rebound, and are of a uni-cast construction with no metal showing.

The handle is of reinforced steel to prevent any chance of breaking, and are made to last with the overall length being about 15 inches for the 52 ounce dead blow hammer, and 10.5 inches for the 14 ounce hammer.

These hammers are a bright orange in color so will be hard to lose in your tool box.

Price wise for these hammers can be from 20 dollars up to a 100 plus depending on their size.

Neiko Dead Blow Hammers

These neon orange hammers have the steel shot in the head to eliminate any rebound, and it will give a little extra force when hitting.

It has a uni-cast poly molded body, and a non-slip textured handle so less chance of it slipping out of your hands when hammering.

Neiko produces hammers from 16 ounces and up, for a variety to chose from for what ever projects need, and they do work great for removing smaller dents on your car or truck.

Olsa Tools Dead Blow Hammers

The Olsa brand of dead blow hammers come in sizes from 0.5 to 22 pounds, so it will be easy to find one with the right weight for your projects.

These hammers are made with materials having varying densities, with the head being coated with polyurethane so it won’t damage what you are hitting, and filled with lead shot to reduce any rebounds.

The handle on these hammers have a non-slip diamond design to them, making them comfortable to swing.

There 3 pound dead blow hammer is about 13.5 inches in total length, and will resist gas, brake fluid, antifreeze, so is a good tool for working on cars, and also very handy for putting hubcaps in place.

The bright red color of these hammers make them easy to find among your tools when needed.

Titan Dead Blow Hammers

The Titan dead blow hammer comes in a variety of weights from 16 ounces and up.

They have the steel shot in the head to prevent rebound, and are covered with a urethane rubber to prevent marking the surface of what you are hitting.

On the 24 ounce hammer the head is 4 inches long by 1,8 inches thick, and has an overall length of about 13 inches.

The handle is textured to give a comfortable grip when using it, and can be used for laying floors, or light metal work, etc., plus the bright orange color makes it hard to lose.

Trusty Cook Dead Blow Hammers

These dead blow hammers are made in the United States, and Trusty Cook is the original maker of the polyurethane method for these hammers.

They manufacture a variety of weights from less then a pound, up to 12 pounds plus, and they also have a slimline model with the head being 8.5 inches long which is ideal for car and motorcycle work with hard to reach places.

The hammers are bright red in color, so are hard to lose, and will produce a strong striking force without denting the material you are working on.

These hammers are reasonably priced and can be bought in groups of 2,3,6, or just the single one.

A Few Different Brands of Dead Blow Hammers

I will mention a few other brands here, and their are many more.

  • Tekton
  • ABN
  • Capri Tools
  • Sata
  • Oemtools
  • Efficere
  • Garant
  • Ox Tools
  • YIYI Tools

Final Thoughts on Dead Blow Hammers

A good dead blow hammer is a very handy tool to have around your home, as they can be used for wood work, leveling stones, bricks, driveway blocks, putting ties down, and hardwood floors, as their is less chance of leaving a mark or dent on what your hitting.

They are also an excellent hammer for body shop work, mechanics, and other uses in construction.

Weights and Prices

These dead blow hammers come in a variety of weights, so is always best to chose one to match most of the projects you will be working on.

The price of these hammers can be from 20 dollars to well over a hundred, depending on the quality and weight.

As always wishing you all the best on your home projects.


What is a Dead Blow Hammer

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