Giving The Garage A New Look

If the paint on your garage is looking a little tired, and you would prefer to keep the wood clapboards instead of installing  siding, then scraping and new paint is the way to go. This project for improving home value will probably take a week of your time, depending on the size of garage.early painting 006


The scraping part is not easy and requires a considerable amount of time. I use hand scrapers and give a light sanding wherever the wood is scratched or rough. Another way to remove the old paint is with a sanding disk on a grinder, this is faster then by hand but can be dangerous as the disk often gets hooked  under edge of clapboards and gouges the wood or the person using it – not recommended for everyone. Any ideas on a safer or faster way, drop me a note.early painting 005

First Paint

A good primer is applied first over all scraped and sanded wood, making sure to get under the edges of the clapboards to protect against any water damage that could occur.

Second Coat

A good quality top coat is recommended, and is best to apply two coats as it will last longer and give a better finish.

 Restored Garage

Once the painting is finished you will have a new looking garage. Best of luck on your projects.jackson apple bloom and painting 001

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