Oscillating Multi Tool Reviews

This is probably one of the handiest tools you will ever purchase.

Oscillating Multi Tool Reviews


Makita TM30/0CX1

Dewalt DWE315


Dremel MM40-05

Rockwell Sonic Crafter

Skill 1400-02

Bosch MX30E

Fein FMM350Q

Black and Decker BD200 MTB

With the oscillating  multi tool you can use it on many projects around the home, from cutting the bottoms off door casings when laying a floating or hardwood floor to cutting out holes for electrical boxes, and the shingles used for leveling door frames plus so many other things.

They come with a variety of blades for metal and wood plus sanding attachments.

The metal blades are very useful for cutting off old nails or bolts, or metal door casings, or even the too long bolts that hold down your new toilet, and so many other metal objects.

Some of these also come with carbide edged blades for cutting ceramics, if you happen to have a cracked tile in the bathroom then with tis tool it is an easy change.

Most of these multi tools have interchangeable blades or adapters so you can use other brands of blades.

As most of these tools are not overly expensive this is a must tool that every handy person should have around the home or even on job sites.

I will give you a review of some of these multi tools, and as I have two Mastercraft models will mention them first.

1  Mastercraft

This multi tool has a 2.2 amp motor and will oscillate at a speed of 11,000 to 20,000 per minute.

Most of these tools are easy to work with, and this one weighs in at 3 pounds.

The blades for this one are held on by a screw that needs to be tightened with a hex key.

It comes in a carrying bag along with blades for wood and metal, and sanding.

The blades on this model fit over alignment pins on the accessory holder of the tool, and can be fitted at different angles if the need arises.

If you wonder why I bought two of these, well the price was real good at the time, and if one quit I always had a backup, but there both still running great.

For the price this has been a very reliable tool.

2  Makita TM30/0CX1

This model has a 3 amp motor and a slow start feature for improved performance and easy cutting, sanding, or scraping.

With a variable control you can take this tool from 6000 to 20,000 oscillations per minute.

For one of the best performing multi tools this one is hard to beat, and comes with high quality blades and accessories in a Makita case.

Another thing nice about this model is there is no tool required to change blades, so that saves time looking for an allen wrench for each blade change.

About the only fault is they could supply a few more blades in the kit , but if your looking for a high quality multi tool then this is the one for around the home or on job sites.

3  The Dewalt DWE315K

This model also has a 3 amp motor for cutting and sanding, and also has a quick change system for the blades.

And with a variable speed trigger it will give you power when needed.

This oscillating multi tool is of high quality, and much like the Makita

As the price is not too high compared to other high end brands makes it a very popular model for those home renovations.

About the only negative is if using it for a long length of time your wrist can get sore, but that might depend on the person.

So if your looking for a high quality tool then try this out.

4  Porter Cable PCE605K52

Porter Cables model also has a 3 amp motor, and also comes with the tool free blade changer, and depth and guide for cutting.

It has a 52 accessory kit with a box to hold all your blades and sanding parts in.

Another good thing is that it will fit blades from other multi tool brands, making it easy to find extra blades when needed.

Porter cable also makes a 20 V battery model, also with the quick change blade system.

This model the PCC710B 20V has an 11 accessory kit with the storage box to carry it in.

One negative is that you have to buy the battery separate, but this multi tool can be very useful if your working where there is no power.

Both of these are of good quality, so you might wont to give them a try.

5  The Dremel MM40-05

This multi tool has a 2.5 amp motor and a 29 piece accessory set with the variable speed dial.

Also has the quick change release for the blades, but is not interchangeable for blades of other brands.

There are four models available for Dremel the MM20,30,40, and 45, starting with a 2.3 amp motor progressing up to a 3.8 amp

This is also a very popular brand to have a look at when out shopping for a multi tool.

6  The Rockwell Sonic Crafter

This model has a 3 amp motor, and comes with a 31 piece set and bag for carrying it all.

It has the tool free clamping system for your blades, and it will use other brands of blades with its universal fit system.

There is also a 4 amp model available but with a little higher price to it.

Unlike the Makita or Dewalt this one is for smaller jobs around the home, but is a good price for what you are getting.

7  Skill 1400-02

This one has a 2 amp motor, and the blades for it are held in place by a screw and the need for an allan wrench for tightening.

The kit for this one is an 11 piece set, and this multi crafter is for light duty work around the home.

Also has a rubber moulding around the front so is easy on the hands when using.

So if your looking for a multi crafter at a lower price and for light duty work you can try this one out.

8  The Bosch MX30E

This multi tool has a 3 amp motor, and comes with six different settings from 8000 to 20,000 oscillations per minute.

This one has a lever lock on the front to attach the blades to it, which is way better then having to look for a wrench all the time

With very little vibration this model is easy to work with for long periods of time.

It also comes with a carrying case in the set, and includes an adapter for other brands of blades.

If your looking for a very dependable multi tool then try this one out.

9  The Fein FMM350Q

This is another high quality tool with a 350 watt motor  and is made in Germany.

It has a tool free connection for the blades that only take seconds to change.

There is less vibration or noise from this model then you will find with any others.

The kit for this one comes with blades for steel and wood plus the sanding attachments kept together in a hard plastic carrying case.

You will find that this is one of the best and most powerful oscillating tool sold today, and is designed for contractors and home use also.

So if you wont one of the best then try this out.

10  The Black and Decker BD200 MTB

This model comes with a 2.5 amp motor and has a variable speed with the tool free blade release.

It will reach a speed of 20,000 oscillations per minute and has six speeds you can dial in.

The adapter for it accepts attachments from other brands also.

The kit includes about 15 different blades and pieces with a storage bag for carrying.

F or the low price of this multi tool it is actually a good deal for your small projects around the home.


So I hope this left you with some ideas on what to buy for an oscillating tool.

It depends a lot on what you wont to use it for, if just around the house then some of the lower priced models should work very well.

If you will also use it for contract work then the Fein, Makita or Dewalt would be a better decision.

Also keep in mind the comfort of the tool when you use it for any length of time.

Another major plus with these tools is to pick one with the variable speed, as it is a bonus when sanding or scraping.

I hope these reviews will give you a better choice as to what is the best multi tool for your job situation.

Any comments are always appreciated,


How to Remove Snow and Ice

The Joys of Winter

Keeping your home up during the winter months can involve some snow shovelling from roofs and driveways. Its often not an easy thing, and if your not in good physical shape is best to hire someone for the job, so here is  a few ideas on how to remove snow and ice.snow and ice

To Much Snow

Snow blowers make it easy to clean driveways, well at least easier then shovelling. Living in southern Quebec Canada we often get a few major snow falls. A couple of these storms and the roofs can have three feet, ninety centimeters or more of wet heavy snow on them.


If roofs don’t have a steep enough pitch this can lead to an extreme weight on them. An example of this trailer roofs and also a few homes. Shovelling snow off roofs is not something I would recommend for the average homeowner. Having done many roofs its something you need to be very careful at.


One thing today is that we now have roof rakes, which are usually priced at about thirty dollars from your local hardware store. These are a plastic shovel twenty four inches wide that attach to aluminum poles. The poles come in five foot lengths and clip together so making it easy to reach snow on roofs, often while standing on the ground. By the way its a great invention.roof rake


Another problem here in the northern climates is ice build up, which occurs mostly in the valleys and edges of roofs. The reason for this is usually not having proper insulation in the attic, and heat from your home is escaping upward to the roof. One protection for this you can try is to purchase a heat cable which attaches to your roof  with clips supplied. This electrical cable plugs in and radiates a heat to keep ice dams from forming, and comes in different lengths.


You might also wont to keep some sand or salt handy for ice on your walkways. If you decide on salt or other products designed for this from your local hardware store, always use sparingly as they can do damage to cement walkways and your plants, and might not good for winter birds at your feeders. Best to check the ingredients first before using. If anyone has found a natural product to use drop me a note, would be interested.winter birds

Keeping The Power On

If your area seems to lose power when ever freezing rain or high winds occur, I would recommend buying a generator. This is not something you use often but can come in handy. In nineteen ninety eight there was an ice storm here, and I lost power for two months, which was quite an experience. Ice on tree branches was two inches thick or more and you could hear branches and trees falling everywhere, it sounded like a rifle or shotgun going off every few minutes. Will have to write an article about that event another time. So this gives you an idea why a generator is needed at times.

Long Winter

Also if you find winter long and get what we call cabin fever, you can always start your own website at Wealthy Affiliate and write about whatever is of interest to you. Its free to join and is about the only place on the net that’s not a scam, so if you have any interest take a look.


If anyone has any comments or ideas about how to remove snow and ice this winter, drop me a note, have a great 2015.

How to Install Siding on a House

To make a huge difference in the looks of a house just add some siding. I will give a few ideas here on how to install siding on your home.How to Install Siding on a House

Before Starting

When planning out the installation try to make sure you stay at the same level all the way around the house if possible. Is best to take the time and mark a level line around the bottom of your home. Some older homes are not very level so would advice checking the vertical level also. If not very straight use one by three furring strips to level the walls. A few packages of shingles will help you accomplish this along with  quite a bit of time. If your walls are straight and in good condition your siding can be nailed to the plywood.


After the walls are leveled and the furring strips applied if needed, then be sure to chalk a level line around your home as a point of reference for starting. With everything level your home will look like a new one when finished.How to Install Siding on a House


You can start by putting on the corners first, and then the J trim around the windows and doors and under soffits. Then  apply the starter strip along the bottom keeping it level from the reference of your chalk line. Your vinyl siding will snap into this starter strip and each row after will snap into panel below it. Nail your siding in center of cut out holes and do not nail tight as the siding needs to expand and contract, also leave a quarter inch of free play from corners and around doors and windows.


Windows and Doors

Usually a drip cap is installed on top of windows and doors. It is cut two inches wider then the windows or doors, and a one inch deep cut is made in it at each end and this piece is folded over allowing the water to run off. The side J trim is cut one inch longer then height of windows, and only a one inch cut made in it which is folded over under the windows sill. This piece goes up flush with top of windows and cut outs on drip cap are folded over it. The bottom J trim is two inches longer then width of window with one inch pieces notched out of it so side tabs can be folded over it. How to Install Siding on a House


Continue installing siding up the wall from the bottom starter strip. |You might have dryer vents or electrical plugs to cut around so always leave a quarter inch for expansion around these also. The cover on dryer vents will usually cover your siding and  little caulking will keep the water out.


If one by three furring strips were used to level house, they are usually spaced sixteen inches apart. So in this case you would be nailing every sixteen inches on your siding. Also don’t forget to put furring strips around dryer vents, etc. in order to match up with the rest of wall.How to Install Siding on a House


When the temperature is warm vinyl siding can be cut with a utility knife, score it first and then fold and snap the vinyl apart. Cut outs can be done with tin snips and a straight cut can be done on a cut off saw, making sure the blade has about sixty teeth or better for a smooth cut.


Siding today comes in a variety of colors, and that choice is usually left to the homeowners. Also siding today can have the appearance of stones or look like real wood or brick. The possibilities today are many, so is best to shop around for whatever you like.


Once installed your house will look like a new one. Siding can hide a multitude of mistakes that you can find on old houses.

If you have any comments.