Helpful Pole Saws For Better Tree Trimming (Informative)

Around the home having a pole saw for better tree trimming is one tool that you will ask yourself how you ever did without it.

Effortless Tree Trimming with Pole Saws: Your Ultimate Guide

Are you looking to maintain your trees with ease and precision? Enter the pole saw, a game-changer in the world of tree trimming. Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or a novice looking to take care of your backyard, pole saws offer a convenient solution to tackle those hard-to-reach branches without the hassle of climbing ladders or using bulky equipment.

What is a Pole Saw?

A pole saw is a specialized tool designed for cutting branches in high or difficult-to-reach places. It consists of a saw blade attached to an extendable pole, allowing users to trim branches from the ground, eliminating the chance of falling off a ladder or the need for climbing or precarious maneuvers.

Types of Pole Saws:

  1. Manual Pole Saws: These are operated by hand and are ideal for smaller tasks. They are lightweight and easy to handle but may require more physical effort.
  2. Electric Pole Saws: Powered by electricity, these saws are excellent for moderate trimming. They offer consistent power and are relatively quieter compared to gas-powered options. They are also more eco-friendly.
  3. Gas-Powered Pole Saws: Known for their robustness, these saws are perfect for heavy-duty cutting. They provide more mobility as they aren’t restricted by cords, making them ideal for larger properties.
  4. Battery Powered saws: These saws range in voltage from 20V to 80V, and are lighter then the gas powered models, making them very easy to use.

Brands of Pole Saws:

I will mention a few of the brands that are gas, electric, and battery driven to give you a better idea for the weight, bar size, and reach of these pole saws.

Dewalt 20V Cordless Pole Saw

This 20v pole saw will reach 15 feet, plus it has a weight of 8.44 pounds making it easy to handle. The cutting bar is 8 inches long and a 10 inch bar will also work on this saw for larger branches. It has the automatic oiler for the chain which is very convenient. One battery charge will do about 96 cuts, but they do not provide the battery or charger when you purchase this new, as it is sold separately, but if you have other 20v Dewalt batteries from your drill or other tools they will work on this pole saw.

It has a rubber hand grip for comfort, and less chance of slippage when cutting, and with an angled head the cutting is much easier then if it was straight.

Stihl HT56C-E Pole Saw

This pole saw runs with a fuel efficient gas engine that is 27.2cc in size, and uses a 50:1 gas oil mix plus the chain has the automatic oil. The cutting bar is 10 inches in length, and the overall length of this model is 9 feet 2 inches.

The weight of this pole saw is 14.1 pounds, and this is the dry weight meaning without fuel or oil added. This pole saw will split into two lengths of 5 feet and 4.5 feet making it easy to carry for your tree trimming jobs.

BenchMark Pole Saws

This pole saw has a 6.5 electric motor, so it needs to be pluged in with a long extension cord. It has a 10 inch cutting bar, and the head can be adjusted from a straight cut to angled cuts. It will cut branches up to 7 or 8 inches thick, and has a reach of 8.5 feet.

The pole length is adjustable and has a feature for connecting a shoulder strap also. The weight of this pole saw is 11.04 pounds making it very easy to work with. This saw has a price tag from 100 to130 dollars so is not expensive for what your getting, about the only negative is having to use a long extension cord, otherwise it works great. I own and have used this saw for 2 years without any problems with it.

Kakorona 26ft Tree Pole Pruner Saw

This is a manual pole saw with a high strength alloy steel 17.3 inch saw blade that is not easy to bend or break, The blade has two hooks to help in cutting overhead branches, and is connected to the pole by 3 screws for added strength.

The epoxy resin poles are 3.28 feet in length and screw together. They have a total reach of 26 feet so no need for ladder climbing. The bottom pole section has rubberized grips so your hands wont slip. This pole saw comes with a storage bag to make for easy carrying, and has a blade protector. Price range on this saw is around 90 to 100 dollars. Having owned one of the shorter models of these I can honestly say they work very well.

Advantages of Using Pole Saws:

  1. Safety: Trimming trees from the ground minimizes the risk of falls associated with climbing ladders or trees.
  2. Efficiency: With various types and blade sizes available, pole saws cater to different branch thicknesses and heights, ensuring efficient trimming.
  3. Convenience: Their extendable design allows for easy reach to higher branches without the need for additional equipment.

Tips for Using Pole Saws Safely and Effectively:

  1. Inspect the area: Clear the area of obstacles and ensure there are no power lines nearby before starting.
  2. Wear protective gear: Safety goggles, gloves, and a helmet can protect you from debris and potential accidents.
  3. Practice proper technique: Understand the proper way to hold and maneuver the pole saw to maintain control and accuracy.
  4. Maintain your tool: Regularly clean and sharpen the saw blade for optimal performance and safety.


Pole saws are a valuable addition to any homeowner’s or landscaper’s toolkit. They offer a safe, efficient, and convenient way to maintain trees and keep your property looking pristine. However, always prioritize safety and proper technique when using any power tool.

Investing in the right pole saw suited for your needs can make tree trimming a breeze, allowing you to enjoy a well-manicured landscape without the stress or physical strain.

Remember, when in doubt, it’s best to consult a professional arborist for advice or assistance with more challenging trees

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