The Best Useful Camping Hand Saws

If you are looking to purchase a camping hand saw, then it is best to look for one that is fairly light and easy to carry You will also want one thats durable enough and stays sharp to cut some branches or small wood for a campfire in he evening, and can even be used around your home on some wood projects.

Choosing the Perfect Camping Hand Saw for Your Outdoor Adventures

When it comes to camping in the great outdoors, having the right tools can make all the difference. Among the essentials, a reliable camping hand saw stands out as a versatile and indispensable tool for various tasks, from clearing paths to prepping firewood. Here’s everything you need to know about these handy tools and how to select the perfect one for your adventures.

Understanding the Need: Why Carry a Camping Hand Saw?

Picture this: You’re in the midst of nature, setting up camp, or exploring the trails. Suddenly, you encounter fallen branches blocking your path or need to process firewood for the night. This is where a camping hand saw becomes invaluable. Unlike bulkier tools, these saws are designed to be compact, lightweight, and portable while offering impressive cutting power.

Key Features to Look For

  1. Portability: Opt for a folding or collapsible design that easily fits into your backpack without adding unnecessary weight.
  2. Blade Quality: Look for high-quality steel blades that can effortlessly cut through various types of wood, ensuring durability and longevity.
  3. Size and Cutting Capacity: Consider the length of the blade and its cutting capacity, balancing between portability and functionality.
  4. Comfort and Grip: Ergonomic handles and a secure grip are essential for safety and ease of use during extended cutting tasks.

Top Picks for Camping Hand Saws Bahco Laplander Folding Saw:

Renowned for its durability, compact size, and efficiency in cutting through wood of various thicknesses. This lightweight folding saw has a 71/2 inch cutting blade with 7 teeth per inch, and is designed to cut on the pull and push stroke. The Swedish Sandvik steel blade has a low friction black coating that will protect the steel against rust or stains.

The handle has a rubberized plastic grip with grooves to prevent any slippage when using, The blade locks into the handle via a button which also secures it when cutting. This is a popular to use when out camping or even around your home for pruning.

Silky Professional BIGBOY 2000 Folding Saw:

Known for its exceptional cutting power and precision, ideal for both green and dry wood. The blade on this saw is about 141/2 inches long, and is hard chrome plated plus rust resistant. The handle has a non-slip rubberized coating, and features a spring loaded lever lock button for two open positions when cutting, and also used when folding the blade back to the handle.

This Japanese saw can be bought in 4 different teeth sizes from 5.5, 6, 8.5, and 11 teeth per inch, plus the handle is color-coded for each set of teeth with yellow being for extra large, red for large, black for medium, and blue for the fine teeth. You will find this is a good saw for cutting larger limbs, and wood for your campfire, as well as an excellent pruning saw, or it can be used on other projects around the home.

Gerber Freescape Camp Saw: Offers a unique folding design for safe storage and an excellent balance between portability and cutting capacity. This compact bow saw will fit right in to your caping or hoking adventures, as it will fold up in towards the handle making it easy to carry. The 12 inch saw blade is made of high carbon steel, and the handle has a rubberized grip for a comfortable hand hold.

this bow saw will also accept 12 inch blades from most hardware stores when replacing becomes necessary. With a weight of less then 15 ounces you can easily carry this on your next camping adventure, or for even cutting branches around your home.

Fiskars Folding Saw: Praised for its ergonomic design and efficient cutting ability while remaining lightweight for easy transportation. This 10 inch folding saw has a compact design, and is a great tool for camping trips, pruning, or trimming branches around your place.

The blade has triple ground teeth for fast cutting, and locks in two different positions for over and underhand cuts, plus the blade folds and locks into the handle for safe carrying. The soft grip handle has a hole on the end of it so it can be hung up and not get lost.

Sven-Saw 15-inch Folding Saw: Loved for its rugged build and reliability without compromising on portability. This bow saw is available in 15 inch or 21 inch sizes, with the 15 inch weighing 11 ounces, and the 21 inch is 13,7 ounces. The folded length of the 15 inch saw is 171/4 inches.

The saw blade is made of Swedish carbon steel, and has about 4 teeth per inch. With triangular teeth this saw will easily cut through wet wood and rarely clog or stick with sawdust, and will make fast work of larger diameter branches while cutting on both the push and pull strokes. This saw is an excellent choice to cut some firewood for your camping trips or when ever wood is needed.

Tips for Maintenance and Safety

  • Regularly clean the blade after use and apply lubrication to prevent rust.
  • Use safety precautions, including wearing gloves and protective eyewear, especially during extended cutting tasks.
  • Follow manufacturer instructions for proper handling and maintenance to ensure longevity.


Investing in a quality camping hand saw can significantly enhance your outdoor experiences. Whether it’s clearing trails, preparing firewood, or handling unforeseen situations, having the right tool at your disposal is invaluable. Assess your needs, consider the features that matter most to you, and select a camping hand saw that complements your camping style for a more enjoyable and hassle-free adventure in the wild.

Remember, a well-chosen camping hand saw isn’t just a tool; it’s a reliable companion that adds convenience and efficiency to your outdoor adventures.

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