Improving Home Value-Try a New Paint Color

I will list a few different paints that I have used over the years. Applying some paint is the one thing that will improve home value. Try to stay away from the darker colors like black or purple, lighter shades seem to give a warmer feel to the home. Having seen all colors on walls, that’s just my opinion.Paint to increase home value


A good way to estimate how much paint your going to use, is a quick measure of the rooms height times width. As a gallon or four liters of paint will cover approximately three hundred fifty square feet, so is easy to figure out.

Roof Paint

A paint I have used on many roofs, and which I still recommend is Tremclad. It comes in a variety of colors, and has a great rust protection on metal roofs. Always mix or stir well before using, and I also recommend it being put on with a brush straight from the can with no thinning.

Flat Paint

Flat paint can be used on walls and ceilings  that are not exactly what you would call smooth, usually found in many older homes. Is also not the easiest to clean, but if you have a ceiling or wall that’s with a rough finish,  give it a try.


Eggshell has a low shine finish, can be used on bedroom or living room walls. Also the finish  is much easier to keep clean then a flat paint.


Can also be used on walls, a good choice would be kitchen, bathrooms, laundry room, etc. It also cleans well. Satin Paint

Semi Gloss

Having used Satin and Semi Gloss in many homes, I often recommend either one for the bathroom or kitchen walls, etc. The choice is yours as this one also cleans up easily.


Gloss has more of a shine to it then the other types of paint. I would not recommend it on walls, as it can show any minor imperfections. Is best used on the mouldings or trim in your home, or any smooth woodwork that needs painting.

Quality Counts

Also when painting always try to get the best quality, because I have seen cheap paint used and its not worth spending time or money on. Good rollers  and brushes can make a big difference in the finished look. I prefer to use a good quality two inch angle sash brush for trimming and edging. Also when using your rollers try not to leave streaks or runs on your walls, smoothing things out takes a bit longer but leaves a much better look.Rollers and Brushes

So I hope this gives a better idea on paints, and what to use around your home. A little maintenance and paint can go a long way to keeping the place looking great.

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