New Look For Bathrooms

Easy Fixes

Having remodeled a number of bathrooms I will give a few ideas on this subject. If you don’t have a lot of cash is best to go with giving it a clean look, new paint, fix leaky taps, new shower curtain. Things that are easy to do , and give a new look for bathrooms.bathrooms improvinghomevalue

Bathroom Updates

If you have extra money you can go all out with new tiles, tub, toilet, sink and vanity. There are so many different new designs today for these that its best to leave this to the preference of the home owner. tub improvinghomevalue


If you would like new tiles, this is a job that can be done by yourself but often better to hire someone with experience, as it will take some time to do. Try to make sure the tiles are level around the room, tub, or shower as this will give you a very professional look when finished. Also check the tiles, as the last bathroom I did the tiles were white, but a few were off white and not what the customer ordered, so best to check first. A tile saw today sells for eighty to one hundred dollars or more, wear protective glasses when using and watch your fingers. The cement and grout for this can be bought at most hardware stores and price will vary depending on the size of job.tiles improvinghomevalue


Installing new tubs can be an interesting job, some are free standing today meaning not attached to three sides of the walls. Is best to have a plan as to where to set these up in the room. This can also mean finding a new route for the plumbing, not always an easy task, but as I told one customer with your money and my time we can do miracles.tub improvinghomevalue


Vanities for bathrooms come in all shapes and sizes so best to pick one to match up with your room. The plumbing fixtures are also of many different styles and shapes. The last set I installed had to be located above the sink. The spout being about six inches above the bowel with taps four inches above this. This involved rerouting the plumbing to hook up the water. But today with speedways coming in different lengths was not to difficult to connect up. Speedways come in lengths from twelve inches up to six feet.vanity and sink improvinghomevaluespeedways improvinghomevalue


Toilets come in different designs today also, from push button flushes to the older handle type. Many are manufactured to save water by using less and still working well. One thing I recommend when installing these is to use the wax setting seal with plastic extension, and the plastic floor flange that is adjustable, as this is much easier to work with then the solid floor flange. A speedway to hook up the water and its an easy install. Also do not tighten the base of the toilet to tight as you can crack the base-not good. I often suggest to tighten a little at a time as it gets used, and only enough so there is no movement with the toilet.New look for bathrooms, improving home value, 2[1]

Drain Pipes

In many of the older homes there is still the steal drain pipes which have a tendency to get clogged and not work to well. The last bathtub drain I repaired required cutting the old pipe out, and replacing with inch and a half ABS plastic, plus a new trap. The steel pipe must have been installed when the house was being built as it went through the floor joist, and had to be cut out in sections, after removing a part of a ceiling under where the bathroom was located. I used a Makita reciprocating saw for this, a great tool that just never seems to break down. Have had it for about fifteen years along with a saw of the same make.

Excellent tools in my opinion and so handy for this type of work-just need good blades.

saws improvinghomevalue These are just some of the things to give a new look for bathrooms. If you don’t mind doing this sort of work give it a try as it is not really to difficult.

Any other ideas out there  just leave a comment.
 And best of luck keeping your homes up to date.

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