What Is A Stone Masons Hammer? (Awesome Tool)

A stone masons hammer is also known as a brick hammer. These hammers have one flat face, and a short or long chisel shaped blade opposite the hammer head.

Stone Masons Hammer Uses

Having owned one of these hammers for 25 plus years, it is one of my best friends when it comes to stone work, or cleaning old cement from bricks or stone. Having used this hammer to remove old cement from a large stone house and an old church before pointing them, it is a tool that you must have.

Stone Masons Hammer

Shaping And Cutting Stone

They are also very handy if you want to shape a stone using the chisel end to knock off any high spots, or if you want to cut a stone by using the chisel end to score a line about an 1/8 to a 1/4 inch deep across where you want the stone to break, and making sure to score the line enough times to have a clean break in the stone. Where the line is marked on your stone just move it on top of another stone and give it a hit and most times it will break on your line- if not practice a little more.

Another Stone Hammer

The small sledge hammer is also another handy tool to have when working with stones. They usually have a forged tempered steel head with a handle of about 11 inches, and are sometimes also called a drilling hammer.

Uses For This Hammer

These work good for pounding or breaking stones, and hitting chisels, punches, etc. and when using either hammer is best to use safety glasses.

Quality Of Hammer

These hammers actually look like a miniature version of Thors hammer, and as mine is one made by Estwing it has stood the test of 20 years or more taking some severe poundings, so it comes highly recommended, and can usually be found at most hardware stores for around 30 dollars.

Keeping your Hammer Working Well

About the only thing is that after constant use the stone or brick hammers chiseled end may need sharpening, which can be done on a grind stone, or with some good files. As both hammers are almost indestructible, they should last a lifetime.

Final Thoughts On These Hammers

If by chance you have any stone or brick jobs around your home, then these hammers are your best tools for the job. They will last you a lifetime if they dont fall into a blackhole or walk away from you.


Wishing you the best on all your projects.

Stone Masons Hammer

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