What in the World Are Sledge Hammers Used For

I will mention here in this article some of the things about what are sledge hammers used for.

They are intended for demolition such as breaking up drywall if you happen to need to remodel your home, or you can use them on breaking up cement, tiles, stones, and even driving steel post or wood pegs, and anything else you think of.

The Size of Sledge Hammers

What Are Sledge Hammers Used For

Sledge hammers come in sizes from 2 to 3 pounds up to 20 pounds, with 10 pounds being one of the more common weights to use for demolition, while a 20 pound hammer will do everything also, but it can get a little heavy at the end of the day.

The size of the hammer will usually depend on the job you want to use it for, so if you’re removing tiles, or driving chisels then a 3 pound sledge hammer would be the best to use, and use the heavier weights for breaking concrete, rocks, or major demolition, etc.

The Handles for a Sledge Hammer

Most of the handles for sledge hammers are made from wood, fiberglass, or steel, and will most often have a rubber grip on the ends for comfort, and to take up the shock when pounding.

The wood handle will usually be made from hickory, ash, or oak, with these handles being able to absorb the shock or vibration when using them.

About the only problem with a wood handle is that after a long time, or when left outside in rough weather it is possible for the wood to crack.

Fiberglass handles are tough and will last, plus they can also take up the shock when hammering, and being lighter than the wood or steel does make them easier to work with.

Steel handles will certainly last and take some punishment, but can cost you a little more.

Handle Length for Sledge hammers

Most of the heavier sledge hammers will have a 34 or 36-inch handles, as this length will provide you with a strong pounding force when you swing it.

Smaller sledge hammers will have handles of 9,11,12, or up to 16 inches in length, and are great for demolition, or hitting things in tight places, or pounding on chisels, etc.

Price For Sledge Hammers

Price wise the smaller sledge hammers will sell for around 30 to 50 dollars, while the larger hammers can be priced from a 100 up to 400 dollars for one of the better quality hammers.

You can find most sledge hammers at any of your local hardware stores, or on Amazon, and is quite easy to check out the best prices.

A Mention of Some of the Brands of Sledge Hammers

The Wilton 22036 20 Pound Sledge Hammer

This 20 pound sledge has a steel core handle that’s covered in vulcanized rubber, providing a grip that won’t slip when you swing it, and claims to be unbreakable.

The head is drop-forged for strength, and will give it long-lasting abilities without chipping.

The handle is 36 inches long to provide that strong force when hitting something, and does come with a lifetime warranty.

A note here, it is not a cheap sledge hammer, so best to check out the pricing.

DeWalt Sledge Hammers

DeWalts line of sledge hammers start around 2.5 pounds up to 12 pounds, and have carbon fiber composite handles.

The handles are reinforced where most other handles will have a tendency to break, and being lighter than steel or wood give you a good balance when hitting something, plus the handle will absorb most of the shock and vibration.

There 4 pound hammer has a 12 inch handles, while the 6, 8, 10, 12, pound hammers have 32 inch handles.

These sledge hammers are at a decent price ranging up to 80 dollars for the 12 pound hammer

Stanley Sledge Hammers

The sledge hammers in the Stanley brand are from 3 pounds up to 16 pounds, and have the traditional wood handles made from hickory, as well as some fiberglass handles.

The heads are from forged steel and tempered for a lasting strength, and are less likely to chip when hammering.

Most of their lighter weight sledge hammers are about 12 to 13 inches long, making them easy to work with in tight places, and the heavier sledge hammers are around 36 inches long to give a strong blow when using them.

Fiskars Sledge Hammers

The head on these sledge hammers has a flat face, and a wedged shaped face with the idea to use the wedge shape for demolition, and the flat face for driving stakes, etc.

The handles on these are fiberglass with a steel core for extra added strength, and with a non-slip grip on the handle they will absorb any shock or vibration when working with them.

With a 36-inch handle for the heavier hammers, and handles from 11 inches and up for the smaller weight sledge hammers, gives a good choice.

The heads are made with forged heat treated steel so they won’t chip, and are meant to last, plus the come with a full lifetime warranty

You will find that Fiskars sledge hammers are reasonably priced, good quality, and meant to last.

Husky Sledge Hammers

These sledge hammers have the fiberglass handles with a soft handle grip for comfort when swinging them.

The heavier sledge hammers have a 34 inch handles, and are designed for heavy-duty work such as breaking concrete, stones, or anything you happen to aim them at.

The head on the Husky sledge hammers is forged steel, and meant to last, plus they come with a lifetime warranty, and the price tag is reasonable also.

A Few Other Brands

  • Edward Tools
  • Maxpower
  • Jet
  • Hoigon
  • Estwing
  • Collins
  • Craftsman
  • Titan
  • Tekton
  • Truper

And their are many more brands that make excellent quality sledge hammers, and if you happen to be looking for one then just pick out one that applies to the job you intend to use it on.

Final Thoughts on the Use of Sledge Hammers

One thing to keep in mind when looking for a sledge hammer is to find one that is the right weight and size for the job you intend to use it on.

A 3 to 6 pound sledge hammer is good for removing tiles, hitting chisels, or smaller stones, where with a 20 pound sledge you can do all the heavy-duty jobs.

Also when you pick one up make sure it feels comfortable in your grip, and made of a decent quality so that it will last.


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As always wishing you all the best on your home improvement projects.

What Are Sledge Hammers Used For

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