Best Hammers For Home Projects

If your out shopping at your local hardware stores for the best hammers you can find for your projects, then read on and I will give you some information on some of the best, and what each one is used for.

Types of Hammers

You will see there are about 3 basic types of hammers.

1. The Claw Hammer

2. The club Hammer

3. The Ball Peen Hammer

There are also different types of stone hammers, and short stubby hammers for light duty jobs, and rubber and plastic faced hammers.

The Claw Hammer

Best Hammers

You will find the claw hammer is one of the handiest tools you can ever have for around the home

The smaller claw hammers will often have the claws more rounded for pulling out small nails, while the larger 20 ounce hammers the claw is not so rounded, and is quite capable of nail pulling or using it for ripping things apart when ever a wrecking bar is not to handy.


These hammers have a few options when it comes to handles with wood being the most common in the older days. Hickory and Ash made good handles, and were tough enough not to break when pulling nails.

Today we have steel, fiberglass, graphite, plus more, and with the grip area usually rubberized for comfort and to absorb shock to your hands or wrists.

The handles can be anywhere from 13 inches up to 18 inches or more in length, and my preference is about 14 inches which seems to give a good balance and is comfortable to use, so when you are shopping for a hammer always check out how it feels in your hands.

Hammer Weights

Hammers can weigh from only a few ounces up to 40 ounces, with the weight usually referring to the head of the hammer.

A small tack hammer will only be a few ounces, and can be used for small finishing nails or tacks.

A good weight for your home projects is 16 to 20 ounces, which will be heavy enough to drive most nails or tear things apart.

The heavier weight hammers are good for framing and demolition.

The Ball Been Hammer

Best Hammers

The ball peen hammers are used for straightening metal, riveting, taking out dents in metal, and can even drive nails. punches, and.chisels.

The hammer part has a flat face, and is rounded on the other, and is usually made from hardened steel.

They can be bought in different weights from 8,12,16,24, and 32 ounces, with the handles often being made from Hickory wood, and some even fiberglass.

I have found that these hammers work real well at taking dents out of motorcycle fenders.

Learn more about ball peen hammers on this article.

The Club Hammer

Best Hammers

Your club hammers are a smaller version of a sledgehammer, and I find a good weight for these are about 2 or 3 pounds, and there are some at 5 pounds as well.

Around the home they can be used for breaking up masonry, any brick or stone work, and also good for pounding chisels for stone, etc.

They can also be used for pounding in stakes at construction sites or in demolition.

The typical handles for these are usually Hickory or Ash, and also some with fiberglass are being used.

Brick Hammer or Rock Pick

If you do any stone work, a brick hammer also called a rock pick is a necessity, and along with the club hammer they make a perfect combination.

The rock pick hammer will have the hammer on one face, and then be chiseled shaped on the other face, and the usually only weigh a few pounds.

Brick hammer, and some people also call them stone hammers, you can read more about it on this article.

The Soft Faced Hammer

These hammers are used for tapping tiles into place or stone and bricks, so you don’t break what your hitting on.

They typically have a rubber face or plastic, or nylon, and some have both on each face.

The handles are usually made of Hickory or Ash, and with some also made of fiberglass.

I find them useful for putting on motorcycle tires on rims where they need a little help so that your less likely to damage the rims.

Driving Nails

As you know most hammers can drive nails, but if you have a heavy hammer it will work better when nailing larger nails, but you don’t want it to heavy to tire your arms out.

Some hammers have a grove cut on the top face for a nail to set in, and with a magnet that holds it in place, and this works ok for any hard to reach nailing situations, but it does take a little practice to get used too.

Brands of Hammers

There are many brands that make excellent quality hammers that are very well-made, and I will just mention a few here, Eastwing, Stanley, Mastercraft. Olympia, Irwin, Craftsman, and there are many more very good brands out there.

In Conclusion

So I hope this gives you some ideas on the best hammer to chose for your projects around the home, or at any job where it is needed.

Another thing to mention is that if you have nails to pull it is best to go for a hammer with a steel handle or fiberglass, as the wood handles won’t stand up yo the abuse over time.

Anyway enjoy picking out the best hammer to suit your own liking, and I wish you all the best on any of your projects that you have to do.

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