House Painting Ideas

Preparing For Paint

House Painting Ideas is for  the spring time again and we can get busy with some outside painting. It is time for a few house painting ideas for your house, and most likely you will have to do some scraping and sanding before you can think about painting.House Painting Ideas

Scraping And Sanding

When doing the paint scraping I usually use a scraper with the changeable blades, and often you can file a new sharp edge on them once they wear down. The blades cost about two dollars at hardware stores and if kept sharp can last a long time. Also have a sponge sanding pad with you to go over where you have scraped, as it will smooth out any rough scraping spots.Paint Scrapers

Keeping Area Clean as you Scrape

Laying some old blankets or plastic canvas on the ground where you are removing the old paint will keep the place a lot cleaner. I usually have a garbage bag with me and dump the blankets with paint chips in this as I work around the house.Blankets

Cleaning after Scraping

Once you have all the scraping and sanding finished, make sure all the dust is cleaned up. an old paint brush works well for cleaning around windows and other tight places. A shop vacuum works great for any places you can reach, such as window sills or parts of doors.Cleaning after Scraping

Primer Paint

Now is the time to put some primer paint onto all the places that have been scraped or you think need the primer. If the old paint is in good shape in places then it is not necessary to go over with the primer, but that choice is up to you. Just trying to save you a little money as paint and the time to put it on can be expensive.

Top Coat

After you have primed all the places that need it, then it is time for the top coat of paint. When buying your top coat always pick the best there is on the market, otherwise you will end up scraping and painting every couple years and that’s just no fun. Start top coats working from the higher parts of your house to the lower.Top Coat

Two Coats Preferred

I personally recommend two top coats for the reason that it will last longer and cover so much better. Many people do only the one coat because of the time and money involved. But if you wont your house to look really good and last longer then go for the two top coats, the choice is yours.

House Painting Ideas

Trim Around the House

Sometimes the trim on a house is a different color and usually is done last. If on the higher parts of the house there happens to be trim to paint I will often do this as I go along painting the walls, as your ladder is already set up and this can save you some time.Trim

House Painting Ideas for Painting Metal

If you have any tin to paint, as in some cases the sides of a garage then also a scraper and wire brush will take care of any lose paint. Most paints used for metal are oil based, so I don’t bother washing the brush but just store it in a plastic bag to keep it from drying out. Once the painting is finished the brush gets tossed. If the brush cost eight or ten dollars then the turpentine or paint thinner plus the time for the cleaning is just not worth it.

Trellis for Flowers

If you have any trellis to paint I would suggest a two inch brush, because it is a very pokey job and a time consumer. Usually start at the top once again and work your way down, and also spread a few blankets around to catch any paint that can spatter. Do one side at a time, or if you have a helper it would be good with one on each side. Best two coats as there always seems to be places that get missed on the first round.Trellis

Clean Up

Once your paint job is finished I will take a shop vacuum and go over any verandas or walk ways to pick up the paint chips that get blown around. Just a good general clean up and you can call it a job well done and you have a better looking home.Finished

I hope a few of these house painting ideas will help you out on your projects around the home.

Best of luck with things and any comments always appreciated.


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