What is a Drywall hammer (Try Before You Buy)

Asking yourself as to what is a drywall hammer, if you have never heard of one before, is a good question. Well they have been around for a fairly long time, and are used to cut drywall, and drive nails into it, as well as pull out nails.

Drywall Hammers

What is a Drywall hammer

These hammers have a milled front face so that when your driving nails into drywall, they won’t sink in to far, and the other face is shaped like a hatchet or axe, with a small cut in it for pulling out nails, and with the hatchet part very sharp for cutting the drywall.

Weight of a Drywall Hammer

These hammers are usually sold with weights ranging from 9 ounces up to 22 ounces.

The 14 ounce hammer is one of the more preferred because its easier to handle and work with, while a 22 ounce hammer will cut and drive nails into drywall real easy but some might find it a little heavy at the end of the day.

Handles for Drywall Hammers

Drywall hammer handles come in a few different materials, much like your ordinary hammers do.

You can find your basic wood handles that are made from Hickory, forged steel handles that are forged with the head as one piece, fiberglass handles with titanium heads. The forged steel handles will probably last the lifetime of the hammer.

Most of these hammers come with a comfortable rubber grip on the handle to reduce any shock or vibration you might feel when working with it.

Materials Used for the Head of the Drywall Hammer

You will find that many of these drywall hammers are from drop forged steel with a one piece handle and head construction, plus a heat treated steel head is also common with these hammers, and the heads are also polished to a smooth finish.

A Mention of Some Better Drywall Hammers

Estwing Drywall Hammers

The 14 ounce drywall hammer by Estwing is forged from one piece of steel for the head and handle, and then polished, plus with its rounded head makes it easy to drive nails.

It has a shock reducing grip to make it easy on the hands when nailing or cutting drywall.

The hammer is about 14 inches in length, and Estwing also have different head weights in these drywall hammers.

Stanley FatMax Drywall Hammer

This hammer is of one piece forged steel giving it extreme strength and lasting power.

The nailing head is tempered around the rim to reduce the chance of any chipping of the metal.

The hammer is about 16 inches in total length, and has a rubber grip at the end of the handle so your hand won’t slip, and also gives more comfort when nailing.

Vaughn and Bushnell Drywall Hammers

This hammer has a heat treated steel head manufactured from high carbon steel, and the nailing head is designed flat at the top for nailing in tight corners.

It weighs a little over 20 ounces, so can easily drive nails, and the handle is made from hickory wood, which will last a very long time, so if your looking for a drywall hammer with a little more weight in your hands, then you might want to try this one out.

OxTools Drywall Hammers

This hammer is a forged one piece stainless steel, and weighs 14 ounces, with the handle having a rubber grip that’s designed for comfort and to reduce any shock when hitting something.

The head is scored so as to prevent any marks or indents on your drywall when nailing.

The over all length of this hammer is about 14 inches, making it easy to work with.

Real Steel Drywall Hammer

This 14 ounce drywall hammer is forged from one piece of steel, which basically means it is strong and meant to last.

The nail hammering face has been milled, so that there is less chance of damaging the drywall when driving nails, and also the cutting end like all of these hammers has a notch designed in it for pulling out stubborn nails.

It also has a rubber grip on the handle for easy handling, and will reduce any shock or vibration, and the over all length of this drywall hammer is about 14 inches long.

The Stiletto Drywall Hammer

The head on this drywall hammer is made from Titanium and built to last, and will be able to stand up to any tough work you put it through.

This 9 ounce hammer has a milled face so you won’t dent the drywall too much when nailing, also the hammer face has a magnetic nail holder at the top for easy setting of nails.

The blade is designed open, and also has the nail puller, plus Stiletto also have a 10 ounce drywall hammer.

The handle is a poly fiberglass, and has a place to set your thumb for better control when hammering, cutting, or ripping things apart.

The length of the hammer is 14.5 inches in length making it easy to work with and drive nails.

Milwaukee Drywall Hammer

This hammer is designed so that the steel I beam handle will not bend, and the head has a milled face for easy setting of nails, plus it is D shaped for hammering in nails in tight corners.

Milwaukee has what’s referred to as a Shock shield to reduce vibration and the shock when nailing, plus the hammer is precision balanced giving it very easy handling.

The head weighs 15 ounces, and with a 13-inch handle it makes for a very strong, well-balanced drywall hammer.

Quality for a Drywall Hammer

When you feel the need to own one of these drywall hammers you should try out a few just to see what’s comfortable for your grip, and how the weight feels.

You will find most of these drywall hammers are very well-made, and built to last and take almost any punishment you can give them.

You might also consider the price tag which can be from 30 dollars to up well over 100, so best to pick out one of decent quality and with a good price.

Other Brands That Make Excellent Drywall Hammers

  • Goldblatt
  • Kraft Tool
  • Circle Brand
  • Westward
  • Wal-Board
  • Renegade
  • Hi-Craft
  • Task

There are also many more excellent brands out there you can chose from.

In Conclusion

I hope the information above about what drywall hammers are will give you a good idea if you are ever looking to purchase one for your tools collection.

These hammers can be used for more then just drywall work, such as some demolition, or what ever you chose to use them for, as they are very tough hammers.

As always, wishing you all the best on your projects around the home, or on your job site.

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What is a Drywall hammer


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