5 Things To Do To Get Your Yard Ready Before Winter

5 things To Do To Get Your Yard Ready Before Winter so that things will look good in the spring.

1 Racking Leaves

When it comes to racking leaves in the fall you can save them by putting them on your garden for mulch.

I have noticed others just go over them with the lawn mower making a finer mulch that works very well also.5 things to do to get your yard ready before winter




2. Planting Tulip, Daffodils and other flower bulbs

Weather is still warm enough to spend some time out on your yard, if you want to get more colorful blooming on your yard next Spring, time is perfect to plant some tulips and daffodil bulbs.

You can find some stores have them this time of the year, so people can get them easily.

Soil is still warm and soft to dig some holes with the help of your gardening tools and place these bulbs according to each plant directions, just follow each instruction for depth and placing for each plant.

Bulbs can stand winter chilly temperatures once they are planted, and you will enjoy  a nice colorful yard next year.5 things to get your yard ready before winter


3. Keep squirrels and chipmunks out of your house

Squirrels and chipmunks can be a pest during this time of the year, while they live happy in your yard during the nice weather during Spring and Summer, with the first chilly temperatures both will look for the easiest way to get into your home.

They will try to get inside your house walls and make a nest to live in during the long and cold Winter.

To avoid this, check all out side of your home, if you see any holes, you can put some wire net to cover them, this way you can keep them out.

If this don’t keep them out and they keep trying to get inside, you can set some traps to catch them alive and relocate them far from any house or farm.

I find the chipmunks seem to do the most damage as there always digging holes around your house and property. Had one dig a hole under my above ground pool, and before I could catch it the liner in the pool had dropped about a foot into the cavity it made.

Cute little critters but can do a lot of damage around your home.5 things to get your yard ready before winter.



4. Bring inside all your gardening tools

After you finish all the tasks you need to do before cold temperatures get where you live, be sure to bring all your gardening tools inside, if you have a shed or a covered garage it’s better to keep all tools inside, they won’t rust and will last longer saving you some dollars.

Garden hoses should also be drained and stored away, and not to forget to turn off any water lines that go to these hoses.


5. Cover with evergreen dry needle leaves your strawberries plants.

I have found if I cover strawberries with evergreen pine needle leaves plants will stand the chilly winter temperatures pretty well, next Spring when weather turns warm enough you can take off those needle leaves  from strawberries plants and they will continue to grow and produce some nice strawberries for you and your family.

Also works well for other plants that need protection over the winter months.

For your Garden

Once your garden is cleaned out in late fall, then it is a good time to rake some leaves to cover it, and will act as mulch for next years planting.

You can also throw more leaves on in the spring and work everything together.

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You could be surprised to find some plants already blooming.

Now you have a few things to do to get your yard ready before winter weather hits your area, if you need more tips for a particular issue on your yard, leave a comment.

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Now it’s your turn, how big is your yard? write a comment.



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