Installing Pex Plumbing

Installing Pex Plumbing

If you have to do some plumbing at your place, than I would suggest looking into Installing Pex Plumbing for easy repairs. It will save you time and money compared to copper, galvanized pipe, or CPVC  plastic. Installing Pex Plumbing Galvanized Pipe In many homes the plumbing pipes were made from galvanized steel, but the … Read more

Oscillating Multi Tool Reviews

oscillating multitool review

Oscillating Multi Tool Reviews is about probably one of the handiest tools you will ever purchase. Oscillating Multi Tool Reviews Mastercraft Makita TM30/0CX1 Dewalt DWE315 PORTER-CABLE PCE605K52 Dremel MM40-05 Rockwell Sonic Crafter Skill 1400-02 Bosch MX30E Fein FMM350Q Black and Decker BD200 MTB With the oscillating  multi tool you can use it on many projects … Read more

Roof Rafter Repair

Roof Rafter Repair is when you will most likely need a new roof when you see water coming through your ceiling, or your old shingles have lifted in places or curled up. Roof Rafter Repair is an article where I share the steps I do. Roof Rafter Repair Roof Shingles Most shingles for roofs have … Read more

Furring Strips for Drywall

Getting a Room Ready For Drywall If your stripping a room with one by three Furring Strips for drywall, they are usually placed at sixteen inch centers. Also making sure the last one at the four foot mark is centered. Sloped Ceilings Many of the old farm houses will have sloped ceilings. If you wont … Read more