Spring Cleanup Tips

Yahoo, Survived Another Winter Spring again and some Spring Cleanup Tips for outside and around the home. Winter can leave a lot of branches scattered around the yards, along with last years leaves and whatever else. Wheelbarrow and Rakes Usually a good rake and wheelbarrow work very well for this cleanup. This is also a … Read more

How to Install Eavestroughs.

If anyone ever gets the urge  to keep the rain from entering there basement , then here is a few suggestions on How to Install Eavestroughs. Attaching On most older eavestroughs they were usually attached with large spikes, and over time these will often come loose leaving you with sagging troughs. Today they have brackets … Read more

Spring Cleanup Time

Winter Is Finally Over Now that spring has arrived and the snow disappeared, yahoo. Once again it will be spring cleanup time, and a chance to try to get the place looking better. Lawns In my case for spring cleanup I usually start by racking the lawns. But because last winter was hard on the … Read more

Repairing and Making Furniture

There are times when keeping your house in shape you might be called upon for making and repairing furniture. This could be anything from fixing a broken chair to making a table, or even trying to make a set of cupboards or anything else around the house made with wood products. Glues If you happen … Read more

How to Build a Deck

Decks At sometime or another you might wont to know how to build a deck onto your home. I think just about every deck will have its own unique design, and just where you would like to build it onto your home. Wood for Deck Most wood used for this project are two by sixes … Read more

Outdoors Ideas For Your Home

Front Doors If your front door could use some new paint, or if its wood some sanding and varnish would get it looking like new again. This is not to expensive a repair, so will also give you a few more outdoor ideas for your home to keep them looking good. Add a Few Lights … Read more